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Finding Love in Assisted Living

Life and romance seem to go hand in hand until you reach a certain age. Circumstances and life events have a way of forcing many aging adults to enjoy their latter years without a significant other or mate. Assisted living in Glendale can help seniors regain their confidence in romance and love.   Dating in […]

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Myths You’ve Probably Heard about Assisted Living

There are several myths about assisted living. Many people think you end up just sitting around all day with nothing to do. Others feel assisted living may destroy their independence. Especially after those retirement years, the thought of assisted living can be depressing for many seniors. Fortunately, most of these misconceptions are simply untrue. Below […]

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Signs It May Be Time for Assisted Living

Adult children are often faced with difficult decisions. Among those decisions is one that greatly impacts the livelihood and happiness of their parents. At some point, aging adults may need to be placed in a senior living community that offers more advanced care. There can be many fears or questions associated with a decision of […]

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Government Benefits Seniors May Be Missing Out On

Almost every adult in the world spends hours each day looking for ways to maximize their dollars. Without a doubt, nothing destroys a budget like unforeseen health issues. Especially if the illness prevents you from completing day-to-day activities or obligations. Many seniors are unaware of the assistance that is available to them. Below are five […]

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Why Grandparents Are Important

It’s no secret that grandparents are God’s gift to grandchildren. They are important in every phase of their grandchild’s life. A valuable part of life, grandparents play an extremely important role in the lives of their grandchildren today. Many grandparents provide a missing link in single-parent homes or in dual-career households. The role of the […]

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How to Make Friends in Assisted Living

The transition into a senior living community can be challenging for seniors and their family. A resident must adjust to an entirely different environment, atmosphere and group of people. These changes can lead to depression and anxiety or cause a senior to become withdrawn. The move to a senior living community can make it difficult […]

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