Why Grandparents Are Important

Why Grandparents Are Important

It’s no secret that grandparents are God’s gift to grandchildren. They are important in every phase of their grandchild’s life. A valuable part of life, grandparents play an extremely important role in the lives of their grandchildren today. Many grandparents provide a missing link in single-parent homes or in dual-career households.

The role of the grandparent is one that has always been significant but has grown even more over the years. There are moments when no one can reason with or get through to a child but their grandparent. Even while in a residential care facility, seniors have plenty of opportunities to spend time with grandchildren.

Here are a few of the benefits of cultivating the grandparent and grandchild relationship.

  • A relationship with grandparents helps give grandkids a strong sense of identity. Grandchildren become more familiar and comfortable with their background or where they’re from because of storytelling. Many grandkids understand their heritage and lineage because of conversations held with their grandparents. Many professionals inside residential care listen to stories residents share about their childhood. These are the types of stories and experiences they also share with their kids and grandkids.
  • Spending time with grandparents makes kids feel special. Some call it spoiling but most call it endless love. It’s a different type of relationship than parents share with their own children. In the eyes of grandparents, the grandkids are the best thing in life. This time is not always about punishment and rewards, it’s just true, quality time. Children truly look forward to spending time with their grandparents and grandparents benefit from the interaction. While living in residential care, grandchildren can join their grandparents during resident activities.
  • The attention given by grandparents is unmatched. While parents are attentive to their children, grandparents are much more attentive. This is especially true of retired grandparents. A parent may have spent long hours in school or work and lack the same amount of patience as a grandparent. Grandparents help children relax, slow down and do activities at their pace. This calm eagerness to spend time with children, greatly benefits a child’s self-esteem and helps children really get one-on-one attention.

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