Finding Love in Assisted Living

Finding Love in Assisted Living

Life and romance seem to go hand in hand until you reach a certain age. Circumstances and life events have a way of forcing many aging adults to enjoy their latter years without a significant other or mate. Assisted living in Glendale can help seniors regain their confidence in romance and love.  

Dating in Assisted Living Communities

There are many great benefits associated with assisted living communities but one of the greatest is the opportunity for seniors to date. It’s rarely mentioned and less often thought of, but seniors need love too, right? Of course, they do! In fact, many residents of the community find themselves attracted to others based on common interests and similarities shared. For instance, if two people both enjoy board games, they’ll likely spend more time together playing them and sharing their favorite stories about life before assisted living. This time spent together easily transitions into date nights or date days. Eventually, seniors find a companionship and mutual attraction that leads to a great romance.

Romance for an Aging Adults

Romance for seniors is not altogether uncommon. There are numerous couples who become acquainted in assisted living, begin dating and before you know it, they’re inseparable. Romance holds different meanings for different people. For most seniors, it’s quite simple. They seek someone to spend time doing the things they enjoy most. It may be a simple sip of coffee in the morning, sharing dessert at lunch or walking around the community together. Most importantly, they’re together and enjoying each minute to the fullest.

Assisted living communities are not often thought of as a romance hotspot but they are the ideal setting for romance. Think about it. The grounds are well-manicured, displaying beautiful flowers and blooms and serene ponds which make the perfect setting for the budding romance. Seniors are also introduced to a variety of activities and events that require little or no planning on their part. The opportunity to show up and mingle with others who have very similar interests is usually how dating begins at any age. Aging adults find it easy to connect with each other and without any intent, love just seems to happen.

Love is Good at Any Age

While many people don’t relate to senior living to dating. The need to give and feel love doesn’t disappear with age. Our assisted living facility in Glendale realizes that aging adults desire to have fun, romance and love just as much as younger adults. They deserve to feel special and find that someone they can enjoy spending time with and enjoy personal moments of intimacy. Senior living should and can be filled with good health, happiness and romance.

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