How to Make Friends in Assisted Living

How to Make Friends in Assisted Living

The transition into a senior living community can be challenging for seniors and their family. A resident must adjust to an entirely different environment, atmosphere and group of people. These changes can lead to depression and anxiety or cause a senior to become withdrawn.

The move to a senior living community can make it difficult for aging adults to engage with existing relationships. Therefore, making new friends helps seniors remain mentally and emotionally connected.

It’s not an easy task for all seniors to forge new friendships, especially when leaving some of your old life behind. Here are a few tips to help your senior loved ones connect and establish long-lasting friendships within a senior living community.

Find Someone with Common Interests

It’s easier to connect with others when there are shared interests. There are several groups a senior may enjoy at a senior living community. Consider hobbies or find groups of similar interests. It is here that many aging adults meet others who enjoy the same activities that they do. Music clubs, book clubs and scrapbooking are just a few examples available to seniors.

Support groups are another important option for seniors. Support groups not only help seniors adjust to the new environment, they also help build a trusting support system. For those who are coping with illnesses, death of a loved one or other traumatic life events, there are groups available that offer the support they need.

These groups provide a comfortable and judgment-free zone for seniors to become transparent among their peers. The opportunity to encounter and befriend others who are dealing with similar life-events makes it possible for aging adults to build deeper, more meaningful connections.

Utilize Your Resources

Communicate with the staff of the senior living community to find out more about the resources they offer. Many of these resources can be helpful in identifying groups and activities that a senior family member may be interested in. Be forthcoming with questions and also ask about the best areas to mingle with other residents. Ask about social events that would present an opportunity for new residents to connect with others.

Attend Orientation and Greeting Events

Senior living communities understand the challenges newcomers face upon arrival. It’s not easy to get used to a new home and group of people. Relationships are a basic and important aspect of human mental-health. With organized greeting sessions and orientation, residents are given the opportunity to meet new people and find common interests.

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