Dining And Nutrition At Broadview Residential Care Center

Nutrition at Broadview Residential Care Center


At Broadview Residential Care Center, we take pride in creating healthy, balanced meals for our residents every day. Our meals use fresh herbs and trending ingredients to create nutritional meals that combine flavor and quality. We work with a registered dietician to ensure that all residents are having their nutritional needs met, getting the right healthy choices in front of them to keep them enjoying their retirement years.

For breakfast, residents may enjoy waffles, eggs hash browns or oatmeal. Lunch may consist of a soup, like basil tomato or navy bean, baked potatoes with various toppings and Taco Tuesdays, featuring tacos with rice and beans. For dinner, residents might find they can start with a salad before moving to meatloaf, chicken or stuffed bell peppers with a side of potatoes or fresh vegetables. There is always time to indulge a sweet tooth with daily desserts.

Residents can enjoy a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day of the week, with many options to choose from when considering their personal preferences. Here is a sample menu of the meals our residents can enjoy: