Myths You’ve Probably Heard about Assisted Living

Myths You’ve Probably Heard about Assisted Living

There are several myths about assisted living. Many people think you end up just sitting around all day with nothing to do. Others feel assisted living may destroy their independence. Especially after those retirement years, the thought of assisted living can be depressing for many seniors. Fortunately, most of these misconceptions are simply untrue.

Below are a few myths that you’ve probably heard about assisted living.


Myth 1: Seniors are unhappy with this living arrangement.


Most seniors are extremely happy with assisted living facilities. More than 90% of seniors who reside in assisted living facilities lead fulfilling lives that they enjoy. They value their independence with the ability to reach out for assistance when needed.


Myth 2: Most of the facilities are boring.


This is by far one of the biggest myths. In fact, most find that there is more to do in assisted living environments than if they lived alone or with family. Coordinators organize monthly calendars that detail a variety of events and activities for seniors to enjoy. Games, social activities, social clubs and more are options that seniors can choose from. Many seniors will start a new hobby while living in assisted living.


Myth 3: Relocating to an assisted living facility ends all the fun.


The average facility is fun-filled and enjoyable. The communities are always introducing new and exciting adventures to their residents. Access to convenient transportation makes it easy for seniors to attend almost every event or activity of interest.


Myth 4: These communities are for previously ill seniors.


Almost 75% of assisted living residents have relocated from their own private residence. There are only a few who come from a nursing home, medical facility or some form of rehab facility.


Myth 5: Moving to an assisted living facility is like moving to a nursing home.


There is a big difference! There are numerous types of facilities that provide an umbrella of services for seniors. An assisted living facility offers independence when desired and a variety of assistance services for those residents who require it. Help with baths, medication assistance and meals are a few of the services that are available for senior residents.


Myth 6: Mealtime is the worst time.


The food choices are great at quality Glendale assisted living facilities. Most employ culinary specialists who create wholesome meals with a variety of nutrients to keep residents healthy.


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