About Us

Welcome to Broadview Residential Care Center. We are an Assisted Living Community for Seniors, ages 65 and above. We provide a bright, lively and safe environment where our resident’s needs are met by our well-trained staff. Broadview rests on several acres of land and offers many desirable amenities to enrich the lives of our residents. Our 7 well-maintained gardens are our main attraction. We have al fresco luncheons, tea parties, BBQs, art classes, and our very own desert tortoises George and Martha.

Our Mission is to provide an atmosphere of respect, comfort, and dignity where quality of life is of the utmost importance. Our structured programs provide a sense of purpose for our residents and peace of mind to family members, knowing that their loved ones live in a caring, supportive and well-managed facility.


We offer structured exercise classes with specific goals of increasing and maintaining strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and mental acumen. These classes are monitored by Ms. Fran Fisher Family Volunteer who has 17 years of experience as a Recreational Therapist. There are walks around the neighborhood, along with putting, Croquet and Billiard classes and competitions. Depending on your preference we offer a myriad of activities to fit our residents’ life style. Our tearoom and garden areas are available for you to host a private gathering just by making reservations.

Our Facility is conveniently located 3 blocks West of the Glendale Galleria, the new Americana at Brand, and a two minute drive from Downtown Glendale where you will find great dining, shopping, famous bakeries, and The Legendary Alex Theater.

We understand firsthand the demands of taking care of aging parents. Coordinating care can be an emotionally and physically exhausting process. My job as an Administrator is to offer you over 25 years of experience in Residential Care for the Elderly and to ease the transition as you and your loved ones enjoy the next chapters of your lives.

Our staff is committed to providing support and compassionate care to our residents because we understand their needs as we have studied and researched the subject for over 40 years.


  • Respect
  • Compassion
  • Honesty
  • Understanding
  • Integrity


We thrive on making our residents feel at home. They are our priority and most of our employees have been part of our family for decades. Our commitment comes from the heart and we love what we do.