Visit Your Grandparents at Their Assisted Living Facility

Visit Your Grandparents at Their Assisted Living Facility

Many grandparents around the globe spend their senior years in assisted living facilities. They adjust to life in a new environment. Days are spent making new friends and creating new memories. The biggest joy of it all is the anticipated visit from the grandkids.

The adjustment to an assisted living facility can be challenging for some aging adults. As time passes, they begin to experience simple elements that make them feel more comfortable. Visits from friends and family are the highlight of their day, especially when the grandkids drop in for a visit.


Here are a few tips to make visiting the grandparents most successful.


  1. Let Them Know You Plan to Visit

Of course grandparents are always happy to see their grandkids, but let them know when you plan to visit. It’s easy to assume that because they’re retired, they have no plans. This is not the case. Senior residents of Glendale assisted living facilities lead very productive lives. They are involved in a variety of activities and have daily routines that they sometimes prefer not to be interrupted.


  1. The “Just Because” Visit

Grandparents expect a visit during special occasions and holidays. Consider visiting them just because you care. This is one of the best ways to keep their spirits lifted and gives them something to look forward to. Set aside a day each month to spend a couple hours talking, enjoying a nice walk, or spending time talking about their fondest memories.


  1. Keep Them Involved

Remember to involve grandparents in the planning of special events. Birthdays, holiday dinners, and other celebrations require planning. Consult with them to see what they would like to do, have served, or if they would like to invite a guest. It shows them that they are still very much a part of the family and their input is valued.


  1. Be Considerate of Their Feelings

It is important to understand that everyone has good days and bad days, even seniors. Glendale assisted living residents sometimes grow fatigued, emotionally and physically. Expect a range of emotions during the visits. Sometimes the senior may be upbeat and other times, they may appear tired and uninterested. Be considerate of their feelings and don’t push them to hard.


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