Tips for Caring for Your Elderly Parents

Tips for Caring for Your Elderly Parents

Adult children often look forward to their parents retiring. The idea of holiday visits and summers with the grandkids is one that most have dreamed of for years. Yet, at some point the need to provide care for your parents may arise. When it does, are you prepared to accept the challenge?


Some adult children feel it their responsibility to provide care for aging parents. Realistically, the majority wonder if they are up for the task. They don’t want to fail their parents. Some have gone so far as to promise to always look after them. To carry out this promise, children should prepare for the caregiving process.


Consider the following tips to get started:


  1. Perform a Need Assessment


Your judgement can be clouded at a time like this. This is especially true if there is an emergency need for elder care. Help from a residential care center in Glendale could be beneficial at this point. Professional assistance helps to determine which needs are priority. It is easy for parents to convince their children that they can handle certain tasks. Professional consultants have years of experience. They can offer expert advice on what caregiving practices will be most beneficial.


  1. Create a Safe Environment


Safety is a priority in any home, especially for elderly parents. Observe each room of the home. Make the space safe for parents to maneuver around the room. Create enough space in pathways for walkers, wheelchairs or other mobility aids. Secure all cords and cables to prevent falls or slips. Make sure flooring is secure with no torn or protruding corners. Clearly label on/off switches on appliances that elderly parents use. Use neon or bold colored labels to help easily identify power controls.


  1. Obtain Certifications


In-home caregivers should prepare for emergency situations. Attend classes that offer CPR and other medical certifications. Choking, falls or other incidents in the home could require immediate medical assistance. Once you’ve acquired the proper training, you can provide the attention when needed.


  1. Respite Care Services


Respite care services are ideal for caregivers who work, have families of their own or travel. A professional caregiver provides care for elderly parents and relief for the caregiver. These services can be arranged on a regular schedule or as needed.


  1. Take Care of You


This is the best tip of all when caring for elderly parents. You must always remember to take care of yourself. It allows you to feel less overwhelmed when caring for your parents. Eat throughout the day and don’t skip meals to get more done. Adopt an exercise regimen to stay active. Remember to maintain some type of connection with social circles. These are all important things to help you be and feel your best.


The opportunity to care for aging parents is one that should not be taken lightly. It is a proud moment for most children, but one that sometimes requires assistance. Contact Broadview Residential Care Center at (818) 246-4951 to learn how we can help with residential care services in Glendale.

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