The Benefits of Music for the Elderly

The Benefits of Music for the Elderly

Music is a source of therapy for all ages, especially for seniors. Music motivates movement and laughter in many ways. It is a contributing source of healthy living for aging adults. Daily living revolves around the sound of music in many ways.


Children enjoy the sound of music while watching their favorite shows or cartoons. Teens spend hours listening to the music from their favorite genre. Young adults listen to it during their workouts or while commuting to work. And seniors find it to be relaxing and a great way to motivate them to keep moving as they age.


Here are a few ways that music benefits the elderly:


Improves Social Interaction – it can sometimes be difficult for seniors to interact with others they don’t know. Residential care center professionals find that playing music during social gatherings helps to relax the environment. Seniors feel more comfortable and can socialize with their peers easier.


Increases Self-Esteem – some seniors or aging adults suffer from lack of self-esteem. Listening or dancing to music could help them to realize their self-worth. There are many songs with encouraging words, which reminds seniors how important they are to others. Music is also a great source to encourage seniors to get up and dance. It breaks the barrier and stops them from being withdrawn during social gatherings.


Encourages Exercise – exercise can be challenging or boring for any age group. Music helps to liven up the entire regimen of exercise. It motivates you to work towards a goal. Exercising to music makes it feel less like exercise and more like fun. Residential care center residents exercise to music of a various genres. It helps them to relax and enjoy the workout. This is also a positive contribution to healthy living.


Calms the Nerves – music helps you to relax during intense situations. Playing soft and melancholy music is a good method that encourages seniors to calm down when they are anxious or upset. It takes their mind off what may be troubling them. Many medical facilities use music during surgical or other medical procedures to help patients to relax.


Here are a few other ways that seniors benefit from music:


  • Improved sleep habits
  • Aides in recovery from surgery or other medical procedures
  • Decreased need for medications
  • Improved cognitive skills
  • Enhanced memory
  • More alert and aware of their surroundings
  • Improved hand-eye coordination
  • Improved overall well-being and happiness
  • Improved mood and happiness in day-to-day living


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