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How Seniors Can Improve Heart-Health

Aging adults often think as they grow older, they’re destined to have heart disease. This is not the case for many seniors. There are preventive measures that help maintain a healthy heart. Heart disease threatens the lives of seniors over the age of 65. More than 80 percent of seniors that are older than 65 […]

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How to Help Aging Parents Declutter

Decluttering can be one of the largest tasks to accomplish before moving into a residential care center. The idea of sorting through your aging parents’ things can be as overwhelming as the task itself. Before getting started, you should attempt to understand the meaning behind some of the items. This may help simplify the process […]

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4 Ways to Sharpen the Memory in Residential Care

Did you know there are several fun and innovative ways to sharpen your memory? As we grow older, it becomes more common to forget the simple things. It’s just a normal part of aging. Perhaps you made a call to a family member, then forgot why you called. Maybe you’re beginning to forget times or […]

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