Holiday Shopping Tips for Seniors

Holiday Shopping Tips for Seniors

The holidays are upon us and you know what that means. It’s time to shop! Many people, especially seniors find it more convenient to avoid the crowds nowadays. Holiday sales begin around Thanksgiving and last until after the Christmas holiday. Now, cyber deals are a big part of online shopping, especially when living in a residential care center.

Consider these tips to make your holiday shopping a safe and enjoyable experience.

Take Advantage of Seasonal Sales

Many retailers offer their best sales during the holiday season. Many residential care centers offer internet access or Wi-Fi to allow residents to surf the web. Seniors can browse online to find gifts and place an order for delivery.

Free Shipping Options

Seniors can also take advantage of the best deals with free or reduced shipping options when online shopping. Many major retailers offer free shipping on a specific day or with the purchase of a certain dollar amount. Seniors should also look for additional promotional codes or discounts to apply at checkout. Residential care center coordinators can assist in finding promo codes online.

Research Products

It is important to research products prior to purchase. Doing so decreases the possibility of purchasing a product that doesn’t meet your expectations. Online shopping is convenient, but it removes the opportunity to make a personal opinion based on sight or touch. Read reviews from others to find out more about the product. Amazon or Yelp are examples of credible sites to find genuine reviews.

Online Safety

Online shopping offers many advantages. However, the increased presence of scammers makes it riskier than shopping inside retail stores. Here are a few things to watch out for when doing your holiday shopping online.

  • Charitable donation requests. These requests usually increase during the holiday season when people are feeling more charitable. Verify any request received is represented by a valid source. Credibility can be researched via online sites that verify the validity of organizations. Take caution also when online shopping and make wise decisions. Never give money to a cause you’re unsure about.
  • Beware of shipping or delivery emails. You may experience an increased number of pop-ups from assumed delivery carriers. These notifications are not always legitimate. Make sure to track your purchase via the tracking number that you received after the item shipped.
  • Privacy Protection. Be sure to only use bank cards that allow you to cancel transactions if you report fraud. Utilize a strong security password on all sites you visit. Shop as a guest when given the option to do so. Never opt to save your password on any device or retail site. Your residential care center may offer secure internet access to decrease the possibility of account hacking.

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