Are You a New Caregiver for Your Aging Parent? Here’s What to Expect

Are You a New Caregiver for Your Aging Parent? Here’s What to Expect

Adult children often think of the day they may have to care for their aging parents. Although often thought of, it sometimes happens without warning. There are a couple instances that thrust adult children into the title of caregiver. The first we’ll reference as the “instant” caretaker scenario. The second is termed as the “emergency” caretaker scenario.

In some cases, a parent may become slightly ill or injured, which may require daily care for a short period of time. Other times, the circumstances may be more severe and require the adult child to take care of their aging loved one for much longer. Whatever the scenario may be, the need to make important decisions immediately can be difficult. There are a few considerations that may help lessen the confusion and fear surrounding these trying circumstances. Glendale assisted living communities provide care for almost any scenario of caregiving.

Instant Caretaker Mode

The instant caretaker mode can occur in a variety of scenarios. One parent may pass away or become disabled, which requires the other parent or both to need instant care. It can be as minor as checking in on them daily, running errands, taking them to appointments, and more. What started out as one day could easily grow into one or more years of providing care to the aging adult.

Crisis Caretaker Mode

The crisis caretaker mode takes place more often than you may think. A little fall could lead to the replacement of a knee or hip, which requires around-the-clock care for your aging loved one. In many cases, the fall could lead to many other situations such as depression, physical illnesses, and more. This throws the caretaker into crisis mode and requires him to become more involved as the caretaker for the parent. At this point, a caretaker may start to consider assisted living services in Glendale to ensure their parent is receiving the necessary care.

Tips to Alleviate the Stress

Instant and emergency modes can cause a great deal of stress. It is important to avoid stress by all means. A stressful caretaker can lead to a sick caretaker. Taking care of yourself as the caregiver makes it easier to care for your loved one. Glendale assisted living coordinators offer great ideas on taking care of yourself as the caregiver.

Here are a few tips to make the process easier.

  • Set reasonable boundaries
  • Research the condition of your aging loved one to ensure you can meet their needs
  • Plan to ask for assistance when needed and always admit if you can’t do something on your own
  • Develop a care plan that meshes well with your own quality of life
  • Remember to consider the needs of yourself and your own family to prevent neglecting those areas of your life.

Glendale assisted living provides a variety of aid programs for aging adults who need instant or emergency care.

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