Make an Assisted Living Facility Feel Like Home

Make an Assisted Living Facility Feel Like Home

The transition to a Glendale assisted living facility can be challenging for the senior and their family. There are many changes that accompany the move. In some cases, aging adults are excited to join a new community. In others, feelings of anxiety and frustration accompany the move. Both scenarios are common and require a bit of adjustment for both the senior and their family.

Glendale assisted living arrangements can be made to feel like home. There are a few ways to help the senior adjust to their new environment. It is important that the resident adjusts to their new home for them to feel comfortable. Constant anxiety and worry can lead to emotional and physical distress. The goal is to make the transition as smooth as possible for all involved.

Here are a few tips to ease the transition from home to an assisted living facility.

Get the Senior’s Input on the Move

Talk with the senior prior to the move to get their input on the transition. Find out why they are hesitant or reluctant to move if that’s the case. Once they voice their concerns, address them honestly and completely. Offer suggestions to help them feel more comfortable with the transition. Explain to them in detail how the move will benefit them. Remember to describe the pros and cons of living in assisted facility. This lets them know that you have taken every detail into consideration.

Let the Senior Choose a Few Favorites to Take Along

Once the space that the senior will be moving into has been chosen, allow them to take a few of their favorite items with them. Consider the size or amount of available space they will have before allowing them to make their selection. Remind them that they have the option to redecorate and can interchange items occasionally.

Create a Happy Space

Make the space as happy as possible. Add family photos, plants, and other special items that bring the senior joy. Consider designing the space similar to the original living space to make it feel more like home. Bring curtains and other window treatments from home if possible. These ideas help the senior feel like they are in their comfort zone.

Choose Happy Colors

Add as many happy colors to the space as possible. It is important that Glendale assisted living aging adults find their new home to be a happy environment. Certain tones can be dreary and depressing. Avoid those colors and only implement colors that are vibrant. Doing so prevents the senior from encountering sad feelings when inside their space.


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