How to Prevent Aging Adults From Falls

How to Prevent Aging Adults From Falls

Falls can occur at any time and in any place. They happen more often with aging adults than any other age group. There are a few simple preventive steps that can help reduce falls. These measures include proper medication maintenance and ridding the home of hazardous conditions that may cause trips or falls. In residential care, similar measures are taken.

People rarely talk about falls until one occurs. It’s an important topic that should be discussed in a preventative manner. As the body ages, changes in physical conditions make seniors more vulnerable to falling. Falls often lead to visits to the ER and or an onset of more serious health issues. The following preventive measures will help to prevent seniors from future falls.

Add Light to Your Living Area

Keep living areas well-lit to help seniors navigate more easily. Here are some suggestions to add light to your home or residential care.

  • Add night-lights in the hallways, bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Keep hallways and pathways clear of clutter and well-lit with a lamp.
  • Add illuminated switches where possible.
  • Add a light switch at the bottom and top of the stairway.
  • Place flashlights in convenient locations.

Stay Active

It is important for aging adults to remain active. This enhances their mobility and contributes to fall prevention. If the doctor grants approval, take walks, do water aerobics, and consider yoga or meditation. These activities contribute to strength, flexibility and balance of the body.

Eliminate Hazards in the Home or Residential Care

Take an in-depth look at your loved one’s home. Remove any hazardous items from the hallways, stairways and bathrooms. Consider the following:

  • Eliminate boxes, electrical and phone cords from the senior’s path.
  • Any loose rugs should be secured with tape or other fasteners.
  • Move plant holders, end tables, book racks and other similar items from pathways.
  • Place nonslip flooring in the bathtub and slip-resistant mats in the tub and shower.
  • Seniors should consider the use of a bath seat in the shower to reduce the risk of a fall.

Wear Comfortable and Safe Shoes

Wear shoes with a comfortable fit. Consider shoes with a slip-resistant bottom. Shoes such as high-heels, wedges, open-toe and open-back may cause falls. Residential care centers often suggest certain types of shoes that are comfortable for aging adults.

See Your Doctor

Schedule a visit with your doctor. Find out if you have any restrictions that limit your mobility. Discuss your prescription medications. Make sure to mention any vitamins or supplements you are taking. Ask if you have any health conditions could cause trips and falls.

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