Honoring Caregivers: National Family Caregivers Month

Honoring Caregivers: National Family Caregivers Month

November is National Family Caregivers Month. This special time of year honors those who care for aging adults. Taking care of aging loved ones is an ongoing task. The theme this year is appropriately titled, “Caregiving Around the Clock.”

Why is acknowledging caregivers important? First, many seniors would not enjoy the quality of life they do without the help of caregivers. National Family Caregivers Month brings awareness to issues in the caregiver community.  Education on the topic is key as it also helps improve the support caregivers receive from others. Broadview Residential Care Center, a Glendale assisted living facility, recognizes this month as a way to celebrate caregiver contributions

Caregiving doesn’t have assigned hours or a specific shift. Care is required whenever seniors need it. It can ultimately be an around the clock responsibility. Understandably so, full-time caregiving can cause other areas of a caretaker’s life to suffer.

Here are a few trials that caregivers face throughout the day:

  • Waking Up: Most caregivers typically are mothers or wives who work part or full-time jobs. It can become problematic trying to balance work, school, family, and caring for loved ones.
  • Daytime Hours: More than half of the caregivers in the world are responsible for medication maintenance. A caregiver may be tasked with ensuring the right medication and dosage is administered at the proper time.
  • Late Afternoon/Evening: Many caregivers are responsible for preparing meals, especially in the evenings. With dietary restrictions, caregivers often take special care in providing nutrient-rich meals that facilitate a healthy lifestyle for seniors. If you’re looking for assisted living facilities in Glendale, Broadview Residential coordinates nutritious daily meals for seniors.
  • Late Night Hours: Nighttime hours are important for most caregivers. It is the time of day where they relax and refuel. Caregivers deserve and need some time for themselves.
  • Emergency Hours: This is the time when aging adults need their caregivers the most. There could be an emergency any time of the day. Caregivers need to have important medical information on hand and be familiar with the medical history of the senior.

Broadview Residential Care Center is one of the top Glendale assisted living facilities. We understand the challenges faced by caregivers around the clock, every day. National Family Caregivers Month helps everyone involved stay informed about the sacrifices caregivers make.

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