9 Factors to Consider when Choosing a Residential Care Center

9 Factors to Consider when Choosing a Residential Care Center

Choosing a residential care facility can be overwhelming. There are many questions to be asked and decisions to be made. It is also important to consider the happiness and health of your loved one. There are several factors to consider. Each Glendale residential care center is different. Find one that provides the care your loved one needs most.


Consider these factors when choosing a residential care center.


  1. Does your loved one require specialized care or assistance?


Your loved one may require assistance with medication or other medical aides. He or she may need help with baths, grooming or dressing. Make sure the level of care provided includes these services.


  1. What is the staff to resident ratio?


Crowded care facilities are common. Choose a facility that has a comfortable ratio. It is good to know your loved one will have the attention they need. Low staffing could result in feelings of neglect and abandonment.


  1. Is the facility within a realistic distance?


Your loved one will want to see familiar faces. Choose a location that is close to home. It makes it easier for friends and family to stop by. Less frequent visits can prevent family from seeing that their family is receiving quality care.


  1. What services does the facility offer?


Talk with administration about available medical services. If your loved one fractures or breaks a bone, they will need rehabilitation. Patients who have dementia or chronic illnesses will need specialized care. Make sure the facility offers these services if needed. If they are not available, find out their care plan for patients who may need them.


  1. What activities does the facility offer?


You want your loved one to be active. An active lifestyle encourages happiness. Choose a Glendale residential care center that offers activities that your loved one will enjoy. Ask about the daily schedule of events.


  1. What are the dietary guidelines?


Find out what foods are served. Your loved one may have a few favorite foods. Ask if they can have their own snacks. Find out if there are certain hours that eating is allowed. Ask about the protocol for dietary restrictions. Find out the approach for food allergies or restrictions residents may have.


  1. Are residents allowed to spend time outdoors?


Fresh air helps aging adults feel good. Find out if your loved one can spend time outside if they want. Some care facilities take residents out in groups. Others allow them to venture out on their own.


  1. Is transportation provided?


Your loved one may have medical appointments. Ask if transportation is provided for residents. Also ask if a member of the staff will go with your loved one to the appointment.


  1. Are current residents happy?


Talk to current residents. Ask what they think about life in the facility. They can offer valuable insight from a different perspective.


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