Chair Exercises for Seniors in Residential Care

Chair Exercises for Seniors in Residential Care

It’s expected for the muscles and bones in our bodies to weaken with age. Seniors may have trouble balancing or suffer from mobility issues, while other aging adults might be dealing with chronic illnesses. Whatever the case, the once easy lifestyle tasks often become much more difficult with age.

Residential care affords many opportunities for aging adults to maintain an active lifestyle at any individual fitness level. Starting a fitness routine can be easily accomplished. It requires only a few minutes of the day and the reward is greater than the sacrifice.

If you have a chair, you have a chance to get in a little exercise and feel better mentally, physically and emotionally. These exercises can be done in residential care or anywhere you can securely place a chair. Here are a few suggestions to consider adding to your exercise routine.

Leg Raises

  • Sit upright in a chair, secure feet flat on floor, and place them apart about the distance of your hips and face-front.
  • Raise the right foot slowly from the floor, lifting it as high as it’s comfortable for you and focus on the the calf during the lift.
  • Slowly return the foot to the floor.
  • Repeat with the left leg.
  • Complete three sets of 5 reps (each leg).
  • Do more reps, if comfortable.


  • Sit in a durable chair with feet flat on floor, hip width apart.
  • Engage core and lean forward away from the hips.
  • Shift your weight equally through your feet and lift yourself to a standing position, be certain to fully extend the hips and knees.
  • Carefully return to the seat in a poised sitting position.
  • If standing is difficult, shift weight forward and bend at the knees for 10-15 seconds if possible before returning to your seat.


  • Sit upright in a durable chair, back should be straight without leaning against back of chair.
  • Open and close fists repeatedly while flexing fingers. Before forming a fist, roll both wrists 5 times in both directions.
  • Repeat this movement with your feet, one at a time, being sure to curl then straighten the toes 5 times in both directions.

Residential Care in Glendale

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