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4 Signs Your Senior Loved One Needs Help at Home

Family and friends of aging loved ones can often assume that everything is going well with their senior that lives alone. This is partly because this is a person who always seems to have everything together. Many seniors work hard to hide the challenges they have from their loved ones. They want to hold on […]

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Tips and Tricks for Managing Medication

Effective medication management requires a few contributing factors. Aging adults will likely need more guidance or assistance with taking their medications properly. It is essential that family, friends, or assisted living facilities in Glendale help them with their medications. This ensures that they will not experience missed doses, which could cause complications with their condition. […]

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Identifying and Coping with the Signs of Depression in the Elderly

It is quite common for elderly loved ones to experience depression. The signs and symptoms can be easy to misinterpret. The stages of depression are difficult for the elderly. They are also difficult for children and other family members to identify. It is easy to associate symptoms with normal expectancies of aging. However, depression is […]

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Tips for Seniors Who Live Alone

Aging adults are forced to adjust to a variety of changes in life. One of the biggest changes is living alone. This circumstance occurs for a variety of reasons. It could be the death of a significant other. Older children may leave the nest to start a life of their own. Whatever the reason, learning […]

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How Seniors Can Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is essential at any age. Seniors who practice healthy living feel better longer. There are many ways to incorporate healthy practices into everyday life. It can become challenging to follow-through. These measures are more successful with careful planning. Results are better when there is a solid support system in place. Many seniors […]

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