How to Make the Decision to Move Your Loved One to Assisted Living

The decision to move your loved one to assisted living can be a difficult one to make. Many adult children feel guilty for making this decision. There are several ways to make the move less overwhelming for the senior and adult children. It is important to discuss all options with everyone involved in the decision-making […]

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Tips for Seniors Who Live Alone

Aging adults are forced to adjust to a variety of changes in life. One of the biggest changes is living alone. This circumstance occurs for a variety of reasons. It could be the death of a significant other. Older children may leave the nest to start a life of their own. Whatever the reason, learning […]

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How Seniors Can Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is essential at any age. Seniors who practice healthy living feel better longer. There are many ways to incorporate healthy practices into everyday life. It can become challenging to follow-through. These measures are more successful with careful planning. Results are better when there is a solid support system in place. Many seniors […]

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Tips for Caring for Your Elderly Parents

Adult children often look forward to their parents retiring. The idea of holiday visits and summers with the grandkids is one that most have dreamed of for years. Yet, at some point the need to provide care for your parents may arise. When it does, are you prepared to accept the challenge?   Some adult […]

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Tips to Help Seniors Lead an Active Lifestyle

Healthy living is important at any age, especially for seniors. An active lifestyle promotes emotional, mental and physical happiness in aging adults. Seniors in residential care facilities are often exposed to different activities. Never Too Late to Get Active Seniors who have been active for most of their adult lives tend to maintain a healthy […]

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