May is Older Americans Month: Activities to Help Engage Seniors

May is Older Americans Month: Activities to Help Engage Seniors

May is recognized as Older American’s Month. This year’s theme is “Engage at Every Age.” It expresses the importance for aging adults of all ages to participate in various activities. Activities that offer mental, physical and emotional stimulation are encouraged this month and every month hereafter.

Continuous stimulation for aging adults helps them to feel their best. Physical activities help them to remain alert. Emotional stimulation occurs when they are actively involved with others in their age groups.

Here are a few ways to keep the seniors in your life actively engaged.

  1. Get Out and Dance

Seniors like to move around as much as possible. Dancing is an energetic exercise that helps them to remain physically active. Group dance, organized dance or exercising helps build physical endurance and encourage physical health. Create a fun atmosphere with various genres of music. Serve a few snacks, drinks and watch aging adults shake things up and enjoy themselves. Glendale residential care centers often organize dance activities for their residents.

  1. Arts & Crafts

Aging adults enjoy making crafts. This mentally stimulates them, as it relaxes their minds. It is also a comforting activity. Senior groups often have organized craft days throughout the week. Crochet, knitting, photography, painting and more are all stimulating activities. Many seniors find it comforting to participate in craft activities. They create blankets and other items for grandkids and other family.

  1. Engage in Family Activities

Family members should interact with their senior relatives as often as possible. This helps them to remain connected to family. Family engagement motivates mental and emotional stimulation. Family reunions, birthday celebrations and other gatherings help seniors to create memories they can enjoy. It is important to include aging adults in as many family events as possible. Many Glendale residential care centers have space available for families to visit. Birthday celebrations can be arranged at the location also.

  1. Game Night

An organized evening of games can be organized for seniors to enjoy. The guessing and participation are all great fun. Games can decrease stress but increase mental stability in aging adults. Many rest homes or rec centers have monthly game night for their residents. Aging adults find it enjoyable to join others while playing board or music games for a night of fun.

  1. Movie Night

Seniors love a good comedy. Movie night is a great way to exercise their muscles. Laughter is good for the soul. It helps to keep their minds on something positive. Seniors easily feel consumed with worry about abandonment. Regular activities help to remind them that they are not alone. Organize a monthly movie night or weekend. Aging adults can enjoy dinner and a movie with their peers.

Every opportunity should be taken to engage seniors. Learn how we keep seniors engaged at Broadview Residential Care Center by contacting our care consultants. We look forward to speaking with you.

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