Activities To Do with Your Senior Loved One This Summer

Activities To Do with Your Senior Loved One This Summer

Summer has finally arrived. Along with the bright sunshine comes the uncomfortable summer heat. It is still a great time for seniors to get out and enjoy themselves. Seniors of Glendale retirement homes are exposed to numerous activities during the summer.

It is important for seniors to remain active year-round. Families will find it easy to include their loved ones in family fun throughout the summer. If you are searching for ideas or activities to enjoy with your senior, there are many to choose from. The primary objective is to keep them active and safe in the summer heat.

Here are a few activities you can do with your senior loved one this summer:

  1. Early Morning or Late Evening Walks

Seniors at the Glendale retirement home enjoy walks throughout the summer. This is an easy activity that can be incorporated into almost any schedule. Early morning or late evening walks are recommended because the sun is usually less invasive during these hours. Walking keeps seniors active and it also provides physical and emotional stimulation. Change routes or walking paths occasionally to prevent seniors from growing bored with the same routine. Individual or group walks are an ideal summer activity.

  1. Day Trips

Seniors find it enjoyable to get out during the daytime. It helps them to feel relaxed and allows them to enjoy the simple things in life. Arrange a weekly outing that includes movies, swimming class, group lunches, and more. Visit area attractions during the summer. These are all ways to keep seniors active and intrigued during the summer months.

  1. Picnics

Summer time is a great time for picnics. Seniors can enjoy a picnic in the park with family or friends. Pack a nice cool lunch, grab a table and enjoy others around as they engage in play or other activities. Picnics can be planned for anytime of day or week. Make sure to find a shaded area or a gazebo to prevent direct exposure to the sun. A little sunlight is okay, but don’t overdo it, as it could cause the senior to feel drained quickly.

  1. Beach Trip

The beach is enjoyable at any age. Senior loved ones may enjoy a trip to the beach. Some will enjoy just sitting and enjoying the beautiful water and soft sand. Take plenty of sunblock and water to hydrate. The visit to the beach can last an hour or half of the day. The important thing is to make sure the senior enjoys their time and the beautiful weather.

  1. Ice Cream Social

Seniors from the Glendale retirement home enjoy ice cream socials during the summer months. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy your favorite flavor ice cream with friends. Ice cream socials can be incorporated with other activities that seniors enjoy. Add a few board games, a little music, and make it an enjoyable evening for all. Most ice cream socials display a variety of ice cream flavors along with some delicious toppings for seniors to choose from.

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