10 Activities to Take Part in at Broadview Residential

10 Activities to Take Part in at Broadview Residential

Senior living is an exciting time in life. The ability to enjoy time while engaging with others makes each day more memorable. It is essential to encourage aging adults to remain active and participate in activities they will enjoy. This keeps them mentally, emotionally, and physically motivated. Seniors who reside alone can easily become lonely or withdrawn from others. A residential care center in Glendale can provide structured activities for your senior loved one.


Here are a few activities seniors can take part in at Broadview Residential.


  1. Candlelit Dinners – Seniors sometime want to ignite a spark in the relationship. Couples can enjoy a candlelight dinner for two or a group of seniors may wish to have a candlelit diner for a special occasion. A decorated table with centerpiece creates the ambiance for an evening with that special someone.


  1. Concerts – Entertaining music for all to enjoy in a concert setting is something to be enjoyed at all ages. Various individuals, groups or entertainers perform concerts for the seniors to enjoy. Aging adults can dress casually or in their Sunday’s best for an enjoyable time.


  1. Game Hall – Seniors at the residential care center Glendale can enjoy a game of poker, billiards, or foosball. Create a little competitive edge with other seniors or enjoy game night.


  1. Cooking Classes – Seniors can put their cooking skills to the test and learn while doing so. Cooking classes give seniors an opportunity to cook with others and learn new recipes to share with their families.


  1. Croquet – Enjoy a friendly game of croquet on a nice day. This is a low-level activity sport that can be relaxing and done with little physical exertion.


  1. Tea Parties – Tea parties are held for the senior to enjoy. Dress for a casual experience and enjoy an afternoon tea with friends. Family invitations are always extended.


  1. Picnics – A private picnic or one shared with family or friends can be enjoyed with friends. Pack a basket with your favorite foods and retreat to the picnic area for a quiet lunch.


  1. Alfresco Luncheons – Relaxing and delicious lunch hour to enjoy delicious food. Seniors look forward to lunch time with friends.


  1. Library – Read books or scroll the internet during certain hours of the day. Seniors can connect with family and friends from all over when using the computer in the library. There are several free online classes available to seniors. They can utilize the library computer to take classes during the day.


  1. Koi Pond/Gardens – Seniors enjoy quiet and relaxing moments from time to time. Koi Ponds are very serene and provide beautiful scenery for relaxation or pictures with friends and family. The gardens are beautiful and enjoyed during anytime of the day.


Activities for seniors are abundant at Broadview Residential. The goal is to provide enjoyment, independence and quality care for all residents.


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